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Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Peter Schweizer

Narrated By: Walter Dixon

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: May 2015

Duration: 5 hours 26 minutes


In 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton owed millions of dollars in legal debt. Since then, they've earned over $130 million. Where did the money come from? Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their wealth through lucrative book deals and high-six figure fees for speaking gigs. Now, Peter Schweizer shows who is really behind those enormous payments.

In his New York Times bestselling books Extortion and Throw Them All Out, Schweizer detailed patterns of official corruption in Washington that led to congressional resignations and new ethics laws. In Clinton Cash, he follows the Clinton money trail, revealing the connection between their personal fortune, their "close personal friends," the Clinton Foundation, foreign nations, and some of the highest ranks of government.

Schweizer reveals the Clinton's troubling dealings in Kazakhstan, Colombia, Haiti, and other places at the wild west fringe of the global economy, where business is often conducted on the basis of bribes and personal connections. In this blockbuster exposé, Schweizer does not allege illegal or unethical behavior, he merely presents the troubling facts he's uncovered. Meticulously researched and scrupulously sourced, filled with headline-making revelations, Clinton Cash raises serious questions of judgment, of possible indebtedness to an array of foreign interests, and ultimately, of fitness for high public office.


  • Pamela Zagula

    Wow I hope Americans open up their eyes!!

  • K.Anthony Hayek

    Just can't keep up with the corruption....By the way.....THEY AREN'T SUPERFICIAL've been drinking too much Cool Aid

  • Kelly Thacker

    The only problem I had with listening to the book was, sometimes there was a lot of information thrown out at once and it was hard to keep track of who was who. I feel that had I read the physical book, it would have been easier to keep everyone straight. Nonetheless, an excellent source of information and well narrated.

  • Han Yuan

    Reading only the preface is enough. The rest of the book is just repeating the same thing again. Very boring writing. Just a pile of superficial accusations without analytics.