The Clitheroe Kid

Written by:
Frank Roscoe , James Casey
Narrated by:
Jimmy Clitheroe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2009
1 hour 47 minutes
Four vintage instalments of the classic radio comedy starring Jimmy Clitheroe in 'The Clitheroe Kid'. James Robinson Clitheroe was enormously popular with the public as Jimmy in 'The Clitheroe Kid'. At the height of his popularity, the diminutive Lancastrian comic had regular audiences of over 10 million people and was a radio institution from 1958–1972. So join Jimmy, Mum, Grandad and Susan – or ‘scraggy neck’ – in these four classic episodes which show the cheeky and irrepressible schoolboy at the top of his class. 'Clitheroe and the Hound Dog' (9 February 1959) Jimmy saves Mr Higginbottom’s greyhound Lightning from being put down but, as Mum won’t allow him to keep a pet, he has to find somewhere else for the dog to stay. 'A Load of Chinese Junk' (29 December 1963) The school panto is Dick Whittington, but Jimmy much prefers to stay up late reading about the adventures of Aladdin. A tired Clitheroe Kid starts to dream of magic lamps... 'The Evils of Tomato Juice' (31 October 1965) Alfie is chosen to be best man at his friend’s wedding, but after a night of drinking Alfie tells Jimmy he is £30 richer – and has no recollection where the money has come from. 'Beware of the Neighbour' (8 October 1967) Jimmy has a new neighbour when a former ‘lumberjack’ moves in next door. However, Mr Ironside is not quite what the family expected... Guest starring Derek Nimmo.
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