Codependency: Getting through a Breakup, an Ex, or a Codependent Relationship

Codependency: Getting through a Breakup, an Ex, or a Codependent Relationship

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
4 hours 2 minutes
There are 4 titles in this book, which are about the following themes:

Theme 1: Some people completely sabotage themselves when they go through a breakup. It’s a natural reaction and it makes sense, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. With a little help and a little information, you can stop yourself from making crucial mistakes that could mess things up even further. This is what we will show you in this guide.

Theme 2: Are you co-dependent or just a caring person?


This question lies at the heart of the first chapter in this book. Other chapters include topics such as: narcissism in relationships, abuse, addiction to love, self-confidence, controlling behavior, the myth of getting what you want, broken promises, signs of co-dependency, trauma, and loving your partner more.


Theme 3: This book will focus on some aspects that may not be as obvious when discussing affairs. People often wonder if healing is possible, if the likelihood that another affair will happen is big, or if their marriage will end up in divorce.


Although this publication briefly touches on several of these topics, other questions will be addressed as well, such as:


What if the person having the affair loves both people?


Why are affairs so difficult to stop?


Should the children know about the affair?


Theme 4: In order to provide clarity when we can speak of real jealousy, this book lists seven signs or indications of jealousy. Finally, it ends with how you can turn things around positively if the green monster has gotten a hold of you. Feelings of jealousy can be used for beneficial purposes, and ultimately, this is what the book will focus on.
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