The Cold Dish

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2007
13 hours 19 minutes
Award-winning author Craig Johnson's critically acclaimed debut Western mystery takes listeners to the breathtaking mountains of Wyoming for a tale of cold-blooded vengeance. Two years earlier, four high school boys were given suspended sentences for raping a Cheyenne girl. Now, two of the boys have been killed, and only Sheriff Walt Longmire can keep the other two safe. 'Johnson, who lives in Ucross, Wyoming, knows the Western landscape well, and creates stunning and violent scenes of the Rocky Mountains.'-Bookmarks
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Marilyn P.

These books are great dialogue. Narration is excellent, especially timing for all the dry humor. I was laughing out loud. I've moved on to next one!

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Jeff D.

The story was good. The narrator voice great However. He told the story as Walt longmire. Instead of a neutral point of view Also. He did all voices. After awhile they all sounded the same Especially the women. Netflix series. Was great. But going to books after it, I won’t be reading series.

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Tamara L.

I loved this book. It was a fun read. Mixing mystery, beautiful landscape, and humor. And George Guidall? I've listened to his narrations for years. I'm a huge fan! He puts so much spirit into the character of Henry, and every character. They all have their own sound, inflection, etc. I'd listen to this author/narrator combo again in a heartbeat.

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Debi A.

really good book. love George's narration on anything. the story had me laughing and trying to figure out who did it and I kept thinking I knew and changing my mind alot. cant wait to start the next book.

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Johnathan G.

Loved this book. After watching the Netflix series it was nice to get inside the mind of Walt Longmire and see what he was truly thinking.

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Not the sort of fiction I normally read but I really enjoyed it, partly because the narrator's voice was perfect.

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Mark Trevithick

The story line was engaging, and the list of suspects continued to grow and point to various figures piquing my interest. The hero, if you want to call the main character, Longmire, a hero, ended up worse for the story, The liberties taken with vulgarity, even among the women served no point but to make them less than attractive characters. The narrator does an excellent job, and I've heard him read some Elmer Kelton. He's perfect for it except the his pace. for those who have suffered hearing lost, even with hearing aids, his pace moves faster than I can hear. I'm constantly having to go back and listen to sections.

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Lorie R.

I loved this book. The narrator kept me engaged the entire time. Already listening to book two.

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Jackie M.

I enjoyed this book and narrator very much. It was a bit on the slow side, but very entertaining

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Very slow start but picked up and became engrossed

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Sean L.

Wonderful, much more humorous in this format than written form

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Sage L.

I have waited so long to listen to this series of books. And it is worth the wait!!

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Kenneth D.

Second Longmire book that we listened to. Very good writing and narration. This is the first of the Longmire series as we had unintentially listened to the 2nd book first. This cleared up some Of the characters to us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Sally M.

Starting my second round of reading--or listening to--the Longmire Mysteries. I am loving them even more the second time through. I seem to be able to picture each character better listening to the narrator than I did when I read it in print. Great character development and action, and enough twists and turns, you'd think your on a rollercoaster. I've got the next book queued up and ready to go.

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james creech

Loved the tv series. The book was just as good if not better. This narrarator is awesome.

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Dina Sysak

I base my choices of audiobooks by the quality of the narrator. Because I love the Longmire series, decided to give the books a shot. So far the narrator is keeping my attention and intrigue. He is very expressive and has a voice I actually enjoy listening to. Very good storyline so far as well. I look forward to listening to more of Craig Johnson's works.

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Jennifer G.

Loved the author’s sense of humor. Enjoyed the relationships between the characters. Excellent narration. Happy to find a new series of books to listen to.

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Daniel W.

The author wrote a suspenseful mystery including multiple awesome characters, but the narrator makes above even better with his amazing voices... The term "lol" is overused today, but although this audiobook is not a comedy, it will literally make you laugh out loud inconsistently throughout with the dry sarcastic humor.

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Christina Henderson

The book held my attention and it had a good plot.

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Thomas H.

Watch Longmire on Netflix too if you haven’t. Great characters.

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I really enjoyed this book the author does a great job of character development. I like books that carry me away and bring me into the story and this author never disappoints. Loved the narrator, great voice and intonation.

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Joe Bailey Jr.

Outstanding Book! Once I started this book, I couldn’t stop listening. Now I have started on the second book.

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Linda D.

Loved the TV series... now I’m enjoying books

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Michael Hayes

Good story. Laughed out loud a few times. Listening to Book 2 now.

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Richard H.

Great book

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