Cold Victory: A Novel

Written by:
Karl Marlantes
Narrated by:
Bronson Pinchot
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
10 hours 34 minutes
From New York Times bestselling author Karl Marlantes comes a propulsive and sweeping novel in which loyalty, friendship, and love are put to the ultimate test.

Helsinki, 1947. Finland teeters between the Soviet Union and the West. Everyone is being watched. A wrong look or a wrong word could end in catastrophe. Natalya Bobrova, from Russia, and Louise Koski, from the United States, are young wives of their country’s military attachés. When they meet at an embassy party, their husbands, Arnie and Mikhail, both world-class skiers, drunkenly challenge each other to a friendly—but secret—cross-country wilderness race.

This is another masterful novel from the author of the modern classic Matterhorn, whose “breakneck writing style is both passionate and haunting” (W. E. B. Griffin). Layered with fast-paced action, historical detail, and a keen eye for the way totalitarianism and loss of truth and privacy threatens love and friendship, Cold Victory is a triumph.
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Mollie S.

I really enjoyed this book. It provides insight into how WW2 impacted a part of the world not often discussed in modern history.

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James N.

The historical context of the story was fascinating.

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Rodney B.

Good plot, very good narrator.

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Very interesting bit of history that I was less familiar with…certainly kept my interest!

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Excellent! Engrossing and fast paced. Well written and narrative was on point! A love story surrounded by spies and intrigue!

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I enjoyed this book, even if it lead female character was somewhat wrought. Interesting post WE2 politics…well interesting insights into today’s politics. What really has changed.

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Rhonda W.

Millions of young people are proponents of socialism. If you can’t learn from history, nothing will save you.

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Sabra G.

I gravitate toward historical fiction, and this did not disappoint. Dramatic post-WWII story focused on Russian-American government relations and human relationships, instead of the sad Jewish plight. I stayed to discover the unexpected end.

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Robert R.


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