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Book Rating (125)

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The Collectors

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: David Baldacci

Narrated By: L. J. Ganser, Aimee Jolson

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: October 2006

Duration: 12 hours 44 minutes


People are dropping dead in Washington, D.C., and the Camel Club must unravel a secret that threatens to bring America to its knees. In "The Collectors," #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Baldacci once again demonstrates why he is one of the world's favorite writers.


  • Werner

    having read most of David's books, listening to them on discs enhances the stories, and brings them to life. This book, as well others are very entertaining. I can hardly wait for the next three books(audios) in the series to arrive. It helps to read(hear) them in sequence, as most writers refer to charactors and events presented in previous books. I strongly recommend the Camel Club series. DB is very creative.

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  • Anonymous

    Good book, once all the characters were introduced. Unfortunately, it took 2 CDs for this to occur. By the 3rd CD the story has you. I couldn't wait to get back in the car.

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  • Shane Nixon

    Love me some Camel Club. These characters are so real, so well defined, so personal . . . and now Annabelle? LOVE it. Another hit in this series. GREAT narration, wonderful story, even an ending that makes you wonder if we won't hear from darling Annabelle again. GREAT read.

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  • Anonymous

    A typical Baldacci novel, with several interesting subplots intertwined. The conclusion was not at all obvious. I looked forward to my drive into work just to listen.

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  • Mandi Scott Chestler

    This is a botched production of good suspense novel. Why the absurd narration? The main narrator was annoying, the female narrator used the same voice for every woman in the story, as did the second male narrator with all his charactors. The result was a collection of voice amateurs messing up a decent David Baldacci yarn. The high note of The Collectors was the introduction of a great new charactor in Annabelle. The producers of this audiobook should have stuck with Jonathan Davis, the excellent narrator of The Camel Club.

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  • Kelsie Hanson

    As opposed to many of the other reviews, I liked the different narrators for male and female voices and I didn't have any trouble distinguishing the voices for each character. This whole series is a great thriller series with interesting characters. I highly recommend them but definitely try to read them in order if you can.

  • Jean Varner

    Interesting ... the story line moved quickly ... it kept my interest. I enjoyed the book. Despite having read all 3 books in the Camel Club Series in hardcover listening to it was a pleasure.

  • Bruce Curson

    Having read the previous two reviews, I actually enjoyed 'The Collectors' better than 'The Camel Club'. I look forward to listening to 'Stone Cold' which picks up the story line of The Collectors. I do agree with the reviews that the narration was annoying. Actually, the multiple voices were not as bad as the main narrator who followed the other voices' dialogue with "he said with remorse" or "she exclaimed excitedly". It would have been far less annoying if the same voice followed their own dialogue with the "he said" or "she exclaimed" descriptives. Towards the end of the book, I finally got use to these awkward changes in voice that occured in the same sentence ... mainly because the story line was so good.

  • Anonymous

    I am giving this book only 4 stars because the first book in this series (The Camel Club) was so good that I kept comparing this book unfairly to the wonderful character development in the first book. Also,this was the first tiime I ever experienced three narrators and I couldn't decide if I liked the technique or if it distracted me. All in all though, I enjoyed this book and was not disappointed by finding out once again that Baldacci is an excellent mystery writer.

  • Amit Chatterjee

    A good promising start to the novel gets you hooked. At times it seems to drift a little, jumping plots. You wonder if these plots will collide, and the middle drags a little. However, the finish is good.