College Without High School

Written by:
Blake Boles
Narrated by:
Dustin Parkhurst

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2010
3 hours 56 minutes
High school can be boring. High school curriculum can be frustrating and out of touch. So what is the answer for young people whose creativity, bright ideas, and boundless energy are being stifled in that overscheduled and gradedriven environment? What would you do if you could go to college without going to high school? Would you travel abroad, spend late nights writing a novel, volunteer in an emergency room, or build your own company? What dreams would you be pursuing right now? "College Without High School" shows how independent teens can selfdesign their high school education by becoming unschooled. Students begin by defining their goals and dreams and then pursue them through a combination of meaningful and engaging adventures.
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