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Book Rating (251)

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Come Sundown

Unabridged / Go to Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Nora Roberts

Narrated By: Elisabeth Rodgers

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: May 2017

Duration: 17 hours 19 minutes


The Bodine ranch and resort in western Montana is a family business, an idyllic spot for vacationers who want to ride horses in the apple-crisp air or couples holding weddings under the wide-open sky. A little more than thirty thousand acres, it is home to four generations—and behind the scenes, Bodine Longbow does all she can to keep things running with the help of her siblings, the staff, and the new hire, Callen Skinner.

But not far away, an aunt Bodine has never met lives in her own twisted version of a family, one no one knows about, one she never chose. Years ago, Alice was a rebellious eighteen-year-old who ran off looking for freedom and adventure. Now she cowers in fear, rarely seeing the sunlight, her mind shattered by a man who views her— and her offspring—as his rightful property. The Longbows don’t talk about Alice anymore. Many quietly presume that she is long dead.

Then a young bartender leaves the resort late one night, and Bo and Cal discover her battered body in the snow. It’s the first sign that danger lurks in the mountains that surround them, and it will not be the only murder to unnerve this peaceful town. But the greatest shock is yet to come when Alice returns—and the threat that follows in her wake will test the bonds that hold Bodine to this place and these people, and thrust her into a darkness she could never have imagined.


  • Jill W

    Enjoyable listen I'm a fan of clean, happy endings. Thank you for that. Good narrator.

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  • Karen G

    Love it great listen fun story

  • Angee S

    Wouldn't mind a sequel maybe with more of Alices children being found. Great Story

  • Andrea m

    Very Enjoyable Book. I was hooked after the first few pages and the narrator did a great job.

  • Judy P

    Great book, great narrator. Long book though!

  • s Peele

    Brilliant read! read this for the first time about 8 months ago now and enjoyed that much that I've read it another 3 times since. I've also purchases a further 6 of Noras books since aswell. I do love a good book and I'm a sucker for a happy ending :)

  • Myrna C

    I started reading during a break at work and had such a hard time putting it down. I could not wait to pick it up again. I read until bed time and still couldn't put it down so stayed awake and finally finished it in time to go back to work, I don't do that often as I was a mess for next two days. I laughed, cried, hated and loved with this book. Nora Roberts is a fabulous author and Elisabeth Rodgers made the story come alive.

  • Arlene K

    I've read almost everything Nora Roberts has written, and I love her material. While this story had the same outstanding character development and interesting plot as her other books, it was one of the "darker" ones she's written. Maybe it was because the fantastic performer (reader) brought it too close to real. I actually had to finish listening at a much faster pace than I'd prefer because I needed to get through it. The antagonist was a powerful, mean, horrible person. The performer was so good that I got knots in my stomach when listening to these sections. As always, Nora Roberts wrote an excellent story with compelling characters...just a bit too dark for my taste.

  • Bonnie W

    Nora is back!

  • Joanne K

    I really liked the characters in this book especially the Main characters of Bodine and Alice. It has been awhile since I listened to a Nora Roberts book I really enjoyed this one!