Coming Out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life

Written by:
Victor Herman
Narrated by:
Christopher Hurt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
13 hours 49 minutes
In 1931, a young American named Victor Herman accompanied his parents to the Soviet Union, where his father was to set up a Ford Motor Company plant. In 1938, he was inexplicably thrown into a Soviet prison. It was forty-five years before he was able to return to America.

His was a common nightmare during the Stalin years. Those who survived imprisonment and torture were either sent north to hard labor in the icy forests and mines or into exile. Victor Herman was one of the few who survived. During his life in and out of Russian prisons, he fell in love with a Russian gymnast, who followed him into exile. She lived with him and their child for a year in Siberia in a cave chopped out of ice. Theirs was a romance destined to thrive even under desperate conditions.
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Mike morgan

I selected this book only because of the title. Had no idea of the content. This story parallels Unbroken, as it is the will to live that amazes the reader. And the power of the inner spirit to usurp the madness of evil men and the heinous acts they perform. I am disgusted in the duality of man. That man can tip over to treachery by the push of an idle wind. How can this story happened.

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This is an utterly unbelievable story of courage and not ever giving up. One of the best books I've ever read, despite the fact that it was difficult hearing what this man suffered at the hands of the Communists. It is unbearably sad at at times but the spirit of this man triumphs over all the despicable things that are done to him. There is a beautiful love story as well, and a good ending.

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Billy Clayborn

Without a doubt one of the greatest stories ever told. If ever there was a "must read" this is it.

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Amazing story of an amazing man. Brings home in a graphic way the horrors of Stalin's Russia and to a lesser extent the post-Stalin period. Makes you realize that the freedom we enjoy in the U.S. (even as restriced as it sometimes seems) is not guaranteed to all people. Makes you reflect on the meaning of life and what is important.

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