Congressman Lincoln

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Chris DeRose

Narrated By: Norman Dietz

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: January 2013

Duration: 12 hours 0 minutes


This is the story of an Abraham Lincoln many Americans aren't at all
familiar with: Lincoln as a reluctant husband in an abusive
relationship; Lincoln who came within moments of fighting a duel with a
political adversary; the first and only president to patent an
invention; and the first future president to argue before the Supreme Court.Though remembered as a Republican and even more as a figure that transcended partisan politics, Congressman Lincoln
reveals Abraham Lincoln to be a master political strategist and a member of
the Whig Party, the party to which he belonged for the majority of his
career. Before he appealed to America's purest instincts, he argued,
'The Whigs have fought long enough for principle and ought to begin to
fight for success.' Before 'malice toward none,' Lincoln bragged of his
opponent, 'I've got the preacher by the balls.'Lincoln the
policymaker is remembered for his conduct of the Civil War and his
handling of slavery. But even during his presidency, Lincoln was
concerned with a broad array of issues. As a party leader, candidate for
Congress, and member of the House, Lincoln worked on stimulus spending,
international trade, banking, and even the post office. And it would be
in the Thirtieth Congress that Lincoln would first move to halt the
expansion of slavery, carefully crafting a bill for gradual emancipation
in the District of Columbia.This is the story of America at a
critical time: The tale of a Congress that ended a conflict, unsure of
what had been gained aside from a seat strapped to a powder keg; of a
party aiming to win the presidency at all costs, paving the path for its
own extinction; and of a country charting an irreversible course toward
Civil War. Moreover, it is the story of the man who led the United
States during its darkest hours and his role at the center of this
gathering storm. This is the story of Congressman Abraham Lincoln.


Congressman Lincoln

by Chris DeRose

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Congressman Lincoln, Chris DeRose