Conservatives Without Conscience

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: John W. Dean

Narrated By: Robertson Dean

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Date: July 2006

Duration: 7 hours 52 minutes


John Dean's last New York Times best seller, Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush, offered the former White House insider's unique and telling perspective on George W. Bush's presidency. Once again, Dean employs his distinctive knowledge and understanding of Washington politics and process to examine the conservative movement's current inner circle of radical Republican leaders, from Capitol Hill to Pennsylvania Avenue to K Street and beyond.

In Conservatives Without Conscience, Dean not only highlights specific right-wing-driven GOP policies but also probes the conservative mind-set, identifying recurring qualities such as the unbridled viciousness toward those daring to disagree with them, as well as the big business favoritism that costs taxpayers billions. Dean identifies specific examples of how court packing is seeking to form a judiciary that is activist by its very nature, how religious piety is producing politics run amok, and how concealed indifference to the founding principles of liberty and equality is pushing America further and further from its constitutional foundations.

By the end, Dean paints a vivid picture of what's happening at the top levels of the Republican Party, a noble political party corrupted by its current leaders who cloak their actions in moral superiority while packaging their programs as blatant propaganda. Dean, certainly no alarmist, finds disturbing signs that current right-wing authoritarian thinking, when conflated with the dominating personalities of the conservative leadership could take the United States toward its own version of fascism.


  • Anonymous

    The 1st CD was unintelligible because it skipped most of the way thru. The 2nd CD drove me to distraction, because the writer goes on ad nauseam about the types of leadership style. I can agree with the sentiments, but enough already. Also, the reader's voice sounded very snooty and was extremely distracting.

  • David Anthony

    If you feel like the Republican party and conservatism in general has been stolen from you, this is your book. Dean's feelings about Bush II are hardly in doubt, but his analysis and the questions he raises are very insightful.

  • Franklin Taylor

    Important information of which we should all be aware. The bullies in our leadership will bully us if they can and if we don't vote them out. Heavy handed religious doctrine is not what this country is about.

  • Steve Riffle

    Excellent book. This book is not a Bush bash, but a look at leadership styles and a candid look at all of our country's leadership. I highly recommend this book.

  • Martin

    I was hoping for more and this sure didn't deliver --- far, far left - in my opinion. Should be in the editorial category, short on facts and long on bashing.