Conspiracy of Silence: NA

Conspiracy of Silence: NA

Written by:
Gledé Browne Kabongo
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
7 hours 56 minutes
Some secrets are too big to stay buried

It’s been almost two decades since Nina escaped the horrific events that shaped her youth. Since then, she has worked hard to reinvent herself by checking all the right boxes: degrees from Stanford and Harvard, a prestigious job as head of marketing for a leading technology company, and a handsome, successful husband.

But on the morning of her greatest professional triumph, Nina’s past comes roaring back when the man who nearly destroyed her all those years ago barges into her office with a once in a lifetime job offer.

Wealthy philanthropist Phillip Copeland has lofty political ambition but to accomplish his goal, he desperately needs Nina on his side. When she refuses to help him launch his campaign for governor, her world explodes into chaos.

Now, Nina is truly afraid that things are about to get dangerous and possibly deadly because she knows what no one else does. That Phillip is a violent predator who has used his power and privilege to commit heinous crimes.  

With her life hanging in the balance, Nina risks it all to expose a massive conspiracy of secrets and lies and delivers a bombshell revelation that could lead to the tragic downfall of a family. But will a stunned jury believe her, or will she be dismissed as a beautiful liar with a toxic agenda, determined to take down an innocent man?
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