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Written By: Robert Harris

Narrated By: Simon Jones

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: February 2010

Duration: 14 hours 41 minutes


On the eve of Marcus Cicero's inauguration as consul of Rome, the grisly death of a boy sends ripples of fear through a city already wracked by civil unrest, crime, and debauchery of every kind. For Cicero, the ill forebodings of this hideous murder only increase his frustrations and the dangers he already faces as Rome's leader: elected by the people but despised by the heads of the two rival camps, the patricians and populists.

Caught in a political shell game that leaves him forever putting out fires only to have them ignite elsewhere, Cicero plays both for the future of the republic and his very life. There is a plot to assassinate Cicero, abetted by a rising young star of the Roman senate named Gaius Julius Caesar -- and it will take all the embattled consul's wit, strength, and force of will to stop it and keep Rome from becoming a dictatorship.

Robert Harris once again weaves a compelling and historically accurate tale of intrigue told in the wise and compassionate voice of Cicero's slave and private secretary, Tiro. In the manner of I, Claudius, Harris vividly evokes ancient Rome and its politics for today's listeners, documenting a world not unlike our own -- where the impulse toward dominance competes with the risk of overreach, where high-minded ideals can be a liability, and where someone is always waiting in the wings for a chance to set the world on fire.


  • Deborah Kornblum

    I read this book and the first in the series when they were published and enjoyed them a lot, and now that the third in the trilogy is out (Dictator), before reading it, I wanted to refresh my memory. I enjoyed it as an audiobook, too, and the narration was excellent. I just wish they had chapter divisions, but this is probably a function of t he app, which is not as good as Audible.