Written by:
Atlas Rose , A. K. Rose
Narrated by:
Ana Cole , Corvin King
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
10 hours 29 minutes
There is no place to hide now.

No dark corner of this city where those who stand behind The Order can disappear.

They are exposed, hunted…but they aren’t vulnerable…not yet.

Protected by the most savage of us all…they bribe and scheme.

But no matter how loud their threats are, they know there’s no way out of this.

Because we have something they’ll never have.

A reason to fight…

Three of them actually.



And Trouble.

The woman my brothers and I have fallen for.

They are the true Daughters of The Order.

The ones they can never tame.

Together with London St. James, his Sons and the Bank’s boys we will set fire to the Order’s world.

There’s only one place for them now. Hale, King…and our own sister.

That’s six feet under.

We’re about to put them there…then maybe…we can find out just how deep this love runs.

For all of us.
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