Continuous Branding: For Service-based Organisations Ambitious to Grow

Continuous Branding: For Service-based Organisations Ambitious to Grow

Written by:
Craig Thatcher
Narrated by:
Craig Thatcher
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
3 hours 0 minutes
This book will help your service business to thrive by overcoming the three biggest challenges to growth that all companies selling services as opposed to those that manufacture or sell products, have to address.

Introducing you to the 'Continuous Branding' tool. To benefit from the performance-boosting power of service branding, I'll guide you through what it is all about and inspire you to use it better. As well as helping you to achieve your commercial or strategic objectives, I'll introduce you to 'Continuous Branding', which is the tool I've developed for you. If you're an owner or director of a service company with an ambition to grow then you'll find this book very useful.

Key things you'll learn

- Change the way you think about your company and uncover it's true potential.
- Add enormous value to your business by harnessing the power of branding.
- Design your customers' experience in advance, making it distinctive and memorable.
- Grow your company by motivating your people to deliver your proposition.
- Embark confidently on your own journey to greater success.

Clearly communicate your business strategy or purpose directly to your people, your customers and partners with the support of practical and effective ways to build your business and your brand. Here are the five simple principles.

- Think like a brand owner
- Lead from a powerful market position
- Have a point of view
- Personalise your brand experience
- Invest continuously to grow consistently
Proven with great results. Every year since 2011, Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services uses 'Continuous Branding' to grow his company by more than 20% per annum, and has created a market leading, award winning business in the highly competitive world of corporate front of house services.
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