Conversation with the mind: Based on True Events

Conversation with the mind: Based on True Events

Written by:
Afi Kingdom
Narrated by:
Connor Heather
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
2 hours 35 minutes
Now is the time to clear your mind and set it on the right path!

Throughout life, you experience so many emotions, decisions, people, and situations. It liesin your conscience to learn from life and handle it the right way.

Afi Kingdom is an author, international podcaster, mindset coach, and an efficient educator.

He tries to share his life's experiences through skills to shape and manipulate personalities, relationships, style, confidence, and other essential elements of living. His style of writing is truly captivating and makes the readers lose themselves into his words only to find themselves in a better position.

Through his intriguing and strategically effective communication skills, he brings out the following: -- Puzzles and examples that excavates a deeper self- Directions to find, reconstruct, and re-model your thoughts- Bemusing truths about the real purpose of existence- Knowing how to manipulate and control oneself and others- The skills to win and lead in situations- Reveals hidden emotions through purgation and catharsis- Building the right ego, attitude, and confidence- The hidden instincts of men and women- Physical and mental desires of life and their meaning Throughout this book, Afi talks to the mind so powerfully and persuasively that his presence is felt by the readers in a rather disturbingly pleasant manner. His strong words make one constantly doubt and lose oneself to discover an enlightened stance in life. His questions, teachings, advice, and answers alter one's mind and soul to a path of wisdom. He communicates in a way where the readers submit themselves to learn his lessons. Afi makes one open up their mind and heart to know the real hidden secrets and powers.

This is a counseling experience of learning, aspiring, and developing into a self-aware individual in the journey of life
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