Convincing the Cowboy Billionaire: A Chappell Brothers Novel

Convincing the Cowboy Billionaire: A Chappell Brothers Novel

Written by:
Emmy Eugene
Narrated by:
Dana Dae
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
8 hours 22 minutes
She'll do anything to keep her dignity...even convincing the saltiest cowboy billionaire at the ranch to be her boyfriend.

Anita Powell has been in the horse training business since she could walk. She feels a special spirit with equines, but men? That's a completely different story.And most men seem to think they can take advantage of her or say disparaging or sexist things to her. In order to get them to stop—and show them that she's one of the best trainers in the business—Nita needs a boyfriend.

Not just any man will do, either. She's got her sights set on Ian Chappell. Too bad he's the most resistant to having a woman in his life, due to a failed marriage years ago.

Even as Nita tries to convince the cowboy billionaire that their relationship doesn't have to be real, she's developing very real feelings for Ian. Can the two of them find their happily-ever-after before hearts get broken again?
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