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Book Rating (34)

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The Copper Scroll

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Joel C. Rosenberg

Narrated By: Jeff Woodman

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: August 2006

Duration: 9 hours 53 minutes


On June 1, 1956, the New York Times broke a story that captured the imagination of the world. Another Dead Sea Scroll had been found, unlike any before it, describing unimaginable treasures worth untold billions buried in the hills east of Jerusalem and under the Holy City itself. In the years that followed, scholars came to believe that THE COPPER SCROLL COULD BE HISTORY'S GREATEST TREASURE MAP, one that could not only lead to the treasures but pave the way to the building of the Third Jewish Temple. But the scroll's code has never been broken, and experts from all sides warn that any effort by Israel to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem would unleash a war of biblical proportions. Now, exactly fifty years after the Copper Scroll was unveiled, New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg takes you on his most exciting and heart-pounding ride yet. SADDAM HUSSEIN IS GONE. YASSER ARAFAT IS DEAD. A NEW IRAQ IS RISING. Now White House advisors Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy find themselves facing a terrifying new threat triggered by an ancient mystery.


  • Tina Thiessen

    I love Joel Rosenberg's books. If you are not interested in biblical prophesy though, you will find it tedious and long winded in those sections of the book. But as a born again believer looking forward to the fulfillment of scripture, I find it exciting. The narration is better than the previous books in this series but not quite as good as some of his newer books.

  • Trax

    I was bored from the beginning with the long religious rants and unnecessary details. The characters seem to spend most of their time analyzing their feelings. Not enough action or suspense to keep me interested.

  • Fred

    We have read all the books in this series and they have all been good. Once again, the two main characters are in jeopardy and the reader is on the edge of the chair. It leaves off with the hint of another imminent disaster, so we are going to read the sequel next.

  • Anonymous

    This was interesting enough. Certainly, the subject matter is fascinating. But I would NOT call it fast paced. I agree about the religious slant, it would not have bothered me except that I felt it meant that not enough time was spent expanding on the political aspects of the story.

  • Herman Menck

    This book is a reasonable mystery. I found parts of the story gripping. It would be most enjoyed by people of Jewish heritage, who have converted to Christianity. People who are not dedicated Christians may find it a bit tedious. The religious slant was a little hard to follow. I'm not sure I got it all.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this suspenseful thriller. Very exciting and I loved the religious tones in it.

  • Linda Webb

    I ordered this book because I'm a science fiction lover. It's science fiction allright. ...but it's basically a Born Again Christian tale, heavy on the proslitizing and concrete in interpretation of the Bible. A real dissapointment.

  • Mandi Chestler

    In this fast-paced thriller, Washington D.C. operatives meet the lost Ark of the Covenent with Indiana Jones style antics. Lots of Biblical fun-facts are thrown in to boot! Author Joel Rosenberg is well versed in his Bible verses and Israeli history. I docked the book's rating one star due to a little too much Born-Again Christian proselytizing, but if you don't mind that aspect, then it's a fun listen. An apt title could be "Onward Christian CIA Soldiers."

  • Anonymous

    While it's quite an adventure, I was surprised by the overt religious proselytizing.

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by Joel C. Rosenberg

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