Cottage at the Beach

Written by:
Lee Tobin Mcclain
Narrated by:
Sandy Rustin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
8 hours 23 minutes
Escape to the Chesapeake Bay, where beach life is full of love, surprises and second chances…

When an injury forces K-9 officer Trey Harrison onto the sidelines, his only thought is getting back to the police force where he belongs. And he’ll do anything to make that happen—even volunteer in a small waterfront community, just to please his boss. But no one ever said Trey had to enjoy it…

Since the surgery that destroyed her dreams of having children, schoolteacher Erica Rowe has grown even more dedicated to her work with at-risk teens. So she doesn't need some cop with a chip on his shoulder putting the program's future in jeopardy. But when Trey finally connects with the students, Erica's heart melts. And when, in a tender moment, he admits he longs to have children, her heart breaks. She's convinced he'd be better off with someone who can give him everything, but she can't seem to shake the hope that maybe love is enough…
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Casey K.

The story is based around an injured K-9 police officer sent to a cabin to recover and get his "head back on straight" and the women he meets while there who has cancer run in her family and had a hysterectomy to hopefully avoid it in her future. The overall story was really good but I found myself getting annoyed with the author over and over. The story could have been more convincing and follow the same general story line while being more realistic with the way people act. There were a lot of moments where simple things were made to be big hurdles the characters had to overcome and it was hard to relate to. The narration was very good and the narrator did a great job with establishing the differences between characters voices and her portrayal of some of the older characters voices created a vivid picture in my head.

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Very cute book, didn't love the reading of it

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Yuck. If you're lying on a beach or by a pool and want the silliest, most trite romance novel available then have at it. Otherwise, it's a very silly, inane book. I could not wait for it to be over so I can move on to a real book. The characters were so ridiculous I wanted to just scream out loud. Ugh.

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Alissa Holmes

This was a pretty good story that I really enjoyed reading. It tells a story of a police officer that stays at a cottage due to getting an injury on the job as well as a woman who had to have a hysterectomy earlier in life due to having the genes that cause cancer. In the story we journey with this couple as they find one another and find fulfillment in their lives in spite of their past hertz injuries and traumas. We also meet their family members and find in life that the painful events in our lives can mold us into better people if we allow them to and if we communicate better and just dare to believe and to hope. The story was beautifully written and and I recommend it to others.

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sweet story

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Selena Grcic

Nice Listen This is a very nice story. a true romance with no sex scenes but leaves you with a good feeling in your heart. Every single one of the characters are relatable and real. All the situations are plausible . Most people can find something about at least one character that also fits something that jas happened in their own life or the life of someone they know. The narrator does a very good job of adding to the feeling of the story as they read.

Cottage at the Beach
This title is due for release on May 5, 2020.

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Cottage at the Beach
This title is due for release on May 5, 2020
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Cottage at the Beach
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Cottage at the Beach

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