Countdown to the Apocalypse: Why ISIS and Ebola Are Only the Beginning

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robert Jeffress

Narrated By: Steve Gibbons

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: February 2015

Duration: 3 hours 24 minutes


ISIS. Ebola. Social disorder. Religious persecution. Rampant immorality. Are these the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse, of the end of the world? If they are, what do they mean and when can we expect this to happen? In this eye-opening book, prophecy insider Robert Jeffress offers a reasoned look at these "signs" and what Jesus Christ himself meant when he talked about a future so horrendous that no human lives would be spared "unless those days were shortened" (Matthew 24.22). Did He have our time in mind? All over the world people are aware that something unprecedented in human history is about to happen. COUNTDOWN TO THE APOCALYPSE presents vital information that everyone, both inside and outside the church, needs to know to be prepared.


  • Kerrine A

    Probably better to have as a paper book instead of audio given the stats and quotes. Narrator speaks quickly, making the stats and quotes not stand out from the rest of the text.