The Courtship

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Catherine Coulter

Narrated By: Anne Flosnik

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: June 2006

Duration: 10 hours 18 minutes


Dear Reader: You met Heatherington in The Sherbrooke Bride and Helen Mayberry in Mad Jack. Now the two get together to track down a mystical treasure that Helen calls King Edward's Lamp. Helen is a big girl - only two inches shorter than Heatherington - a resolute taskmistress, owner of her own inn. She adores her father, Lord Prith, and wants to find the lamp more than anything. It is her only passion - until she meets Heatherington. Spenser Heatherington, Lord Beecham, enjoys Helen's pursuit of him. He is a renowned womanizer, a resolute bachelor, and really enjoys his life. When she throws him to the ground and sits on him, and he finally admits that he will succumb to her, she informs him, to his chagrin, that she doesn't want a lover, she wants a partner. But things work out a bit differently than either of them expect. Indeed, Heatherington, unused to being thwarted, takes drastic steps to change his "big girl's" mind. Do they find Helen's lamp? Is there more to this treasure than either of them knows? Listen and find out . . . I hope you enjoy visiting the Sherbrookes when they stick their oars into the treasure hunt. Write me and tell me how you liked The Courtship at P.O. Box 17, Mill Valley, CA 94942 or email me at Catherine Coulter


  • Anonymous

    I agree with the first review, HORRIBLE. I'm far from a prude, however, if I had wanted to listen to that much sex, I'd have watched a Porn movie. (of course there are many people that enjoy bondage, etc. if you do you'll give it a 5) There was very little story plot. Helen made me think of a female dog in heat, and Spencer a buck in full rut.

  • Anonymous

    If I could give this book a 0, I would have. This is possible the worst book I've ever listened to. Somehow I made it through 3 CD's before I silenced it and sent it back. No more Coulter for me.