Cowboy Untamed & Her SEAL Protector: Thunder Mountain Brotherhood

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Date: July 2016

Duration: 11 hours 28 minutes


Cowboy Untamed

A cowboy…and so much morePotter Sapphire Ferguson had one rule: no more artists. There have been too many disappointments and too many heartbreaks. That is, until she sees wildlife metal artist Grady Magee welding a sculpture of wolves, and Sapphire's self-control is completely incinerated. Whoa, Nellie. A cowboy with an artist's soul and a hard, sexy body. How can she resist? Sapphire tells herself it's just sexincredibly and unbelievably intense sexbetween two consenting adults. No love and no getting hurt. Except that Grady isn't just an artist. He was raised at Thunder Mountain Ranch, and he's all cowboy. He's playing for keeps and he'll have to prove to Sapphire that he can have an artist's soul and a cowboy's heart.

Her SEAL Protector

Subject: Navy SEAL Clay HoundDog Bell amy Mission: Rescue the lush, curvy civilian. And definitely don't give in to temptation! Even in her worst nightmare, Gabby Diaz never imagined a banking conference in Paraguay would end with her being kidnapped and ransomedbefore being rescued by a hard-muscled Navy SEAL. Now, despite lingering worries, she's home and safe again…isn't she?  Someone has Gabby in their deadly sights, and she needs her hotter-than-hot SEAL's help. But despite Clay Bellamy's guarded Navy demeanor, his hunger for Gabby is hard to control. He tells himself it's just the "hero" thing, that they're s apartuntil a sizzling kiss flips both their s upside down. Now Clay's mission has been compromised in the wickedest way imaginable