Crazy Heart: A Novel

Written by:
Thomas Cobb
Narrated by:
Thomas Cobb

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
8 hours 22 minutes
“Crazy Heart just might be the finest country-western novel ever written, bar none.” —Houston Post

“Thomas Cobb’s marvelous first novel doesn’t just play on your heartstrings, it breaks them.” — San Francisco Examiner

Thomas Cobb’s riveting novel tells the unforgettable story of a former country music star hoping to take one last shot at a better life.

At the age of fifty-seven—living a life riddled with ex-wives, one night stands, and daily diet of Jack Daniels—Bad Blake is on his last legs. His ticker, his liver, even his pick-up truck are all giving him trouble. A renowned songwriter and “picker” who hasn’t recorded in five years, Bad now travels the countryside on gigs that take him mostly to motels and bowling alleys. Enter Jean Craddock, a young journalist sent to interview him after a beautiful concert, and a tentative romance blooms. Can Bad stop living the life of a country-western song and tie a rope around his crazy heart?
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