The Credit Score Blueprint: Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit Today

The Credit Score Blueprint: Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit Today

Written by:
Jeff Leighton
Narrated by:
Randy Streu
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
0 hours 56 minutes
Improve your credit score today with a simple and easy plan.

If you are looking to improve your credit and take your finances to the next level, this audiobook will show you exactly how to do just that. 

Imagine what life would be like if you had terrific credit, and lenders were lining up to offer you credit at low rates. 

When applying for a mortgage, credit cards, car loan, apartment, a job, bank line of credit, and countless other everyday financial activities, you could be in the one percent of those that apply. You would probably feel more fulfilled, more accomplished, and would have more options, and at a better rate than the majority of the population out there. 

All of this is possible when you implement the strategies from this audio workbook. They don’t require that much effort, in fact, you can do all of these strategies in as little as an hour per month. You can, and will, repair your credit report by following these proven tactics. 

Listen to The Credit Score Blueprint: Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit today!

In this guide you will discover: 

- How your FICO score gets calculated and the benefits of having a high score
- 15 proven ways to improve your credit
- How to build your score even if you don’t currently have a credit report
- A little-known loophole that can drastically increase your score
- 12 credit score myths that people still believe about their credit
- Secrets that the Credit Bureaus don’t want you to know about credit repair
- And much more

Having a fantastic credit score is possible. All you need to do listen to and follow the practical steps that I lay out in this audiobook. 

Start improving your credit score today!
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