Crime in the Hospital

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
6 hours 1 minute
Dr. Warr’s decayed corpse is found in the woods. He worked at the local psychiatric hospital before vanishing over a year ago without a trace. People blamed his disappearance on a mental breakdown. There have always been whispers about Newman Hospital—staff brutality, deliberate misdiagnosis. DI Gilbert Markham and his right-hand man, DS Noakes, begin asking questions. They are met with a chilling silence. It seems the people in power know more than they are letting on. Another staff member is found in the annals of the hospital, strangled to death. How many more victims will be claimed before the vengeful killer is found? DS Kate Burton will fight for her life as Markham tries to stop the bloodshed. Will the team make it out of the hospital alive? Please note this book was first published as A Mind Diseased.
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