The Crimson Masquerade

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Loretta Jackson, Vicki Britton

Narrated By: Stephanie Brush

Publisher: Books in Motion

Date: September 2011

Duration: 8 hours 58 minutes


Ardis travels to China to help her elderly friend, Dr. Yong Po, locate a Han dynasty cave tomb. Her American associate, Grant Merlin, fails to join her as planned. Grant had fallen out of favor with the University when a small jade miniature was stolen from a traveling exhibit under his charge. Sheri, Grant's ex-wife joins Ardis instead of Grant. When Sheri is attacked by someone wearing a crimson mask, she swears Grant has followed her to China to seek revenge. As Ardis unravels the tragedy of a century old crime of passion, a woman stolen from her homeland and murdered by her captor, it seems to eerily reflect what is happening in the present...