Crisis Four: (Nick Stone Thriller 2)

Written by:
Andy McNab
Narrated by:
Paul Thornley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2014
15 hours 54 minutes
Ex-SAS trooper Nick Stone is extremely highly trained. Clever, ruthless and very effective, it is no surprise that he is hired by British Intelligence. On deniable operations - one of the most dangerous lines of work.

Sarah Greenwood is beautiful, intelligent and cunning - and the only woman Stone has ever truly opened up to. But now he has been ordered to hunt her down.

Hotly pursued through the American wilderness, Stone finds himself at the centre of a deadly game of cat and mouse. He must get to the heart of a terrifying conspiracy theory to which only Sarah holds the key. But will he manage to before the tension reaches boiling point?
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Awesome Book! An Explosive book with A Rad ending! Recommended. The Nick Stone Series is an interesting one, I've read upto Dark Winter #6, Crisis Four outshines Dark Winter in terms of dialogue and general structure, was disappointed with Dark Winter.

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Vicki W.

Absolutely loved this book!! 5 stars from me. Love the meticulous explanations of preparations and every item of use.

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