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Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robin Cook

Narrated By: George Guidall

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Date: August 2006

Duration: 14 hours 0 minutes


When Dr. Craig Bowman is served with a summons for medical malpractice, he's shocked, enraged, and more than a little humiliated. A devoted physician who works continuously in the service of others, he endured grueling years of training and is now a partner in an exclusive concierge medical practice. No longer forced to see more and more patients while spending less and less time with each one just to keep his office door open, he now provides the kind of medical care he is trained to do, lavishing twenty-four-hour availability and personalized attention on his handpicked patients. And at last, he is earning a significant income, no longer burdened by falling reimbursements from insurance companies.But this idyllic practice comes to a grinding halt one sunny afternoon-and gets much, much worse.

Enter Dr. Jack Stapleton, a medical examiner in New York City and Bowman's brother-in-law: Jack's sister Alexis-now Craig's estranged wife-tearfully begs for his help as her husband's trial drags on. Jack agrees to travel to Boston to offer his forensic services and expert witness experience to Craig's beleaguered defense attorney. But when Jack's irreverent suggestion to exhume the corpse to disprove the alleged malpractice is taken seriously, he opens a Pandora's box of trouble. As Craig Bowman's life and career are put on the line, Jack is on the verge of making a most unwelcome discovery of tremendous legal and medical significance-and there are people who will do anything to keep him from learning the truth.


  • Susan Leigh Davis

    Very interesting read / listen! I started not liking a character in the beginning & find out some interesting things about this person as the book proceeds!!! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, I found myself grinding my teeth & holding my breath! & again I love that the same fantastic narrator reads from book to book!

  • nab6215

    I've read this at least once before a long time ago. I'm glad I got to read it again. I rush around trying to cram to much into too little day just like Dr Jack Stapleton. I haven't almost missed my own wedding, but I have sent myself to the ER with thinking I gave myself a heart attack. Slow down. Read a book.

  • Anonymous

    Robin Cook has been a favorite of mine for a long time. He takes you into the depths of his medical world and as a medical professional I love the real parallel in many situations. I highly recommend this series from book 1, but if you start later in series its still great.

  • Anonymous

    Way too slow for my taste. I didn't make it through the whole thing. If you like courtrooms you'll like this.

  • Bonnie

    OMG- this was the longest, most boring story ever. It was as though Robin Cook was paid per word as he described every aspect of every moment in the story. This was the first time I have ever jumped ahead to the last CD just to get the story over with. The only thing I cared about was whether the wedding went forward. Then, after 12 discs of this tedium, the end is wrapped up in a blink. I guess he used all the words he needed to get paid....

  • Anonymous

    Don't waste your time. The courtroom scenes are ludicrous and the medical scenes are boring. Clearly Robin Cook has used all his good ideas.

  • Anonymous

    If you are a scholar and believe that any common person has the vocabulary of Daniel Webster you will love this book. No you probably won't. I don't believe any person addresses another-or speaks in the manner Cook portrays- to anyone they are related to. Especially one's spouse.

  • Anonymous

    This was an outstanding cleverly written book that kept me entertained to the very end. Some of the other books I have listened to lately have made be wish that I had gotten an abridged version but not with this book. Bravo!

  • Anonymous

    Great book, but I did not finish the audio version because I bought the hardback in a promotional deal from a book club. But I LOVE Robin Cook.

  • Sue Curtis

    Robin Cook always delivers. This was a great story, if only the relationship between Jack and Laurie seemed more "real." But doesn't detract from the overall good writing.


by Robin Cook

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