Cross Bones: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2005
11 hours 27 minutes
As fresh and shocking as today’s headlines, a “chilling” (People) Temperance Brennan novel in which a harrowing excavation unearths a terrible tragedy never laid to rest—from New York Times bestselling author and world-class forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

They are “the disappeared,” twenty-three massacre victims buried in a well in the Guatemalan village of Chupan Ya two decades ago. Leading a team of experts on a meticulous, heartbreaking dig, Tempe Brennan pieces together the violence of the past. But a fresh wave of terror begins when the horrific sounds of a fatal attack on two colleagues come in on a blood-chilling satellite call. Teaming up with Special Crimes Investigator Bartolome Galiano and Montreal detective Andrew Ryan, Tempe quickly becomes enmeshed in the cases of four privileged young women who have vanished from Guatemala City—and finds herself caught in deadly territory where power, money, greed, and science converge.
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victoria Amirault

boring not thriller like i wanted. i want a edge of your pants kind of book.

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Jill V.

A story line but the constant "he said" - "she said" started to irritate me. I

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Kori B.

Like the book, the narrator not so much.

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heather m

I am never disappointed. I loved it. I started reading her books only two weeks ago and can't stop.

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I just thought the book was okay. It did not contain enough suspense for me. The reader did do a very good job, but I was expecting more thrill from the story.

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I found this book unexciting, predictable, slow, and packed with inconsequential details. It's constant and inappropriate attempts at humor failed and only further distracted me from the story. The action takes place mostly in Israel, but I get the impression that the author's knowledge of the country comes from a half-week long sightseeing trip and a couple of photos. I learned much more about Temperance Brennan's cat and bird than I did about Israel. The narrator is very talented, but she sounds like she makes most of her money doing punchy, upbeat commercials for cute ladies' clothing. She "sells" the lines too much and sounds less like a real person and more like an actor pretending to be a real person. Overall I was extraordinarily unimpressed and recommend this audiobook to nobody.

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Marci Calloway

I didn't like this book at all. Hard to follow and I couldn't finish it. I normally will finish a book whether I like it or not but this one I couldn't even finish.

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Cindy S.

If you are a fan of Kathy Reichs you will enjoy this book but if you are like me you probably won't remember what it was about. The best part for me is envisioning David Boreanz's (Booth on the TV show) face whenever the male lead, Ryan, is key to the narrative.

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This book is ok. It's very technical.Parts are hard to follow.

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I learned a lot about archeology in this book but some of it was just so repitive it almost lost me

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Loved the idea of the story line. The author spent a lot of time continually repeating information that we already had. That got a little old after a while. The ending was very disappointing. There were a lot of questions left unanswered.

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Not one of her best books. Too much effort to be similar to Da Vinci Code.

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