Crossdressing Stories: Mr Special

Crossdressing Stories: Mr Special

Written by:
Hellen Heels
Narrated by:
Katrina Medina
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 33 minutes
He glanced outside at the skyline of the city. He admired the calmness that the view afforded. It was as if the entire city was asleep at that moment already. But he knew better. The city was wide awake and bustling with a lot of activity.

“Here is your drink, sir.”

He turned to see the same waiter with his order.

“That was quite fast.”

“I said I was going to be back in a minute. And I kept to it.”

“You kept your word. I like that,” he said as he reached into his pocket for his wallet.

“Are you paying for it already?”

“Yes, I am. Here, have this.”

The waiter counted the bills. “This is far more than the cost of the champagne, sir.”

“I know. Keep the rest as a tip for keeping to your word.”

The waiter smiled. “Thank you very much sir.”

As he bowed and left, he poured himself some of the drink.

If only people could be like this waiter, he thought. If only people could keep to their word.

He took a sip and enjoyed the taste.

He glanced at his wristwatch again. 7.23PM.

Damn it.

Is she going to come at all or not?

What kind of delay was this?

And to make matters worse, she had not even bothered to call him to give any explanations for the delay.

Or had she?

He reached for his phone.

She hadn’t. There were no calls or messages from her.

Where could she be, he wondered as he took another sip.

“You are already drinking without me?” he heard someone say.
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