The Crowd Work Sessions: What's Your F@!?ng Deal

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Big Jay Oakerson

Narrated By: Big Jay Oakerson

Publisher: Comedy Central

Date: November 2014

Duration: 0 hours 53 minutes


Big Jay Oakerson has built a reputation for his ability to engage the audience and turn it into a nightly unique comedy experience. For his second album, The Crowd Work Sessions: What's Your F@!?#ng Deal?!, Big Jay has decided to ditch all of his written material and showcase 100% his ability to riff with a crowd 100%. He is not afraid to throw punches & hit you where it hurts while making you laugh at the same time. Big Jay jokes with the crowd about interracial relationships and other racial stigmas like who are well endowed and who aren't. Big Jay will have you laughing from beginning to end. There is nothing he won't talk about and he's probably saying what you're thinking but are just too afraid to say!