A Cub For The Billion-were

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
5 hours 30 minutes
After a lifetime of heartbreak, the word 'family' makes Celeste Hennessy want to run for the hills. So why does the sexy, famous billionaire Grant Bronson claim her as his wife-and the mother of his six year old child Jeffrey? Turns out, Celeste's late sister was keeping some dangerous secrets-and so is Grant. Grant is not quite human, but he is quite ruthless.

He'll stop at nothing to ensure his little boy's safety-but does that include toying with Celeste's fragile heart? With dark forces from Jeffrey's past coming to claim him, Celeste has no choice to turn to Grant for help. Too bad the closer she gets to Grant, the more danger she's in.

Contains mature themes.
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It's great book and so funny and lovable characters and and the side stories of his point of view in her point of view which I think is really good in books nowadays so we listen know what the females thinking and the male is thinking I took a really good book.

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