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The Curiosity: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: July 2013

Duration: 15 hours 41 minutes


A powerful debut novel in which a man, frozen in the Arctic ice for more than a century, awakens in the present day and finds the greatest discovery is love . . .
The Curiosity
Dr. Kate Philo and her scientific exploration team make a breathtaking discovery in the Arctic: the body of a man buried deep in the ice. As a scientist in a groundbreaking project run by the egocentric and paranoid Erastus Carthage, Kate has brought small creatures—plankton, krill, shrimp—back to life for short periods of time. But the team's methods have never been attempted on larger life-forms.
Heedless of the potential consequences, Carthage orders that the frozen man be brought back to the lab in Boston and reanimated. The endeavor is named "The Lazarus Project." As the man begins to regain his memories, the team learns that he was—is—a judge, Jeremiah Rice, and the last thing he remembers is falling overboard into the Arctic Ocean in 1906. When news of the project and Jeremiah Rice breaks, it ignites a media firestorm and protests by religious fundamentalists.
Thrown together by fate, Kate and Jeremiah grow closer. But the clock is ticking and Jeremiah's new life is slipping away. With Carthage planning to exploit Jeremiah while he can, Kate must decide how far she is willing to go to protect the man she has come to love.
A gripping, poignant, and thoroughly original thriller, Stephen P. Kiernan's provocative debut novel raises disturbing questions about the very nature of life and humanity—man as a scientific subject, as a tabloid novelty, as a living being: a curiosity.


  • Kim s

    I really enjoyed this book it's a little different from what I'm used to reading so it was nice to find a new genre that I liked! This novel definitely makes you think about human nature and is very thought provoking. I would recommend! I also loved loved all the narrators.

  • Britt U

    This book was just fantastic!! The writing is very smart. I love the way it portrays Human Nature. I'm sure just about everyone can relate to the inner thought dialogue... (the ego and the narcissistic tendencies that go along with it) to just about every character in the book. and the multiple readers really do a great job!

  • Nichole W

    The book was great. I didn't quite understand Kate Philo's motivations at all times. The narration with the different voices was nice. There is some language use that might offend some sensitive ears, though, so be aware.

Curiosity: A Novel

by Stephen P. Kiernan

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Curiosity: A Novel, Stephen P. Kiernan