A Cursed Midlife

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
4 hours 38 minutes
Necromancer trainee, bookseller, novel writer Ava Harper is settling into her new life with friends and her houseguests. And she definitely isn't thinking about a certain hunky sheriff who pops in unannounced at every turn. And mostly ignoring her devilish new neighbor, a lingering Christmas present from herself.

She has bigger things to worry about. Like learning her newly woken powers. And convincing her house that she isn't selling it so it will stop scaring off any visitors.

Her life gets more complicated when the local coven decides Ava has dodged them for long enough. She doesn't have any interest in joining the coven. She's everything they turn their nose up at. A necromancer with a weird ability to heal people.

But they want her.

When other coven members fall victim to freak accidents, Ava is sure something dark is at play. And the more Ava learns about the so-called accidents the more her past haunts her.

Once again, she puts her trust in her friends-and the deliciously mysterious man in charge of the local law enforcement-to get to the bottom of whoever is targeting witches.
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