Cyber Hacking: Wars in Virtual Space

Written by:
Scientific American
Narrated by:
George Newbern

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
4 hours 50 minutes
Cyberspace has certainly transformed the world. From media and communications to banking, an increasing number of daily activities is performed online. We are living digital lifestyles. While this transformation has opened up exciting new frontiers, it also opens the door to security threats undreamed of in previous generations.

In Cyber Hacking: Wars in Virtual Space, we peer behind the cyber curtain. First, we look at the hackers—who they are, how they work, their motivations, and methods. The opening article examines hardware—specifically microprocessors and why they are vulnerable to tampering. Then we turn to the internal attacks, the worms and viruses whose resulting damage ranges from merely inconvenient and attention-getting to expensive and dangerous. Next, we take a broad look at issues of privacy and the technology used to gather and track personal information. With so much personal information volunteered on social networking and other sites, how much privacy can people expect? Most of us leave a trail of data wherever we go. On a positive note, we end by covering innovative technologies used to secure cyber networks and safeguard information.

The race between the hackers and information security professionals continues.
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