The Dalai Lama in America:Training the Mind

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2001
3 hours 17 minutes
The Tibet Center and Gere Foundation present one of the world's great spiritual leaders and author of An Open Heart and the New York Times bestseller The Art of Happiness.
In Training the Mind, The Dalai Lama explains the basic Buddhist system and lays out a foundation for practice. Through daily practice, we pay homage to Buddha for his great kindness as teacher, we contemplate the impermanence of life, and dedicate our positive activities to the benefit of all in order to build a better world.
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Karen V

I'm still looking for the perfect Buddhism 101 book, this is probably 201 or 301, but the goodness and intelligence of the Dalai Lama come through very clearly. This 2500 year old philosophy with its emphasis on love, equality, ethics and logic works beautifully in the modern world,. It's fascinating that in this talk the Dalai Lama is speaking with great affection and sincerity to an audience that includes enough Chinese speakers to require a Chinese translator {we don't hear the Chinese translation}. He clearly practises what he preaches, his compassion is palpable. The first 8 tracks are prayers chanted by the D.L., either enjoy them or skip through to the teaching part. Even though the D.L. speaks Tibetan and we listen to his translator, the message is clear.

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