Dance of Revelation

Dance of Revelation

Written by:
S. C. Mitchell
Narrated by:
Larry Gorman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
1 hour 19 minutes
A magical dance reveals a queen’s destiny as dark elves threaten the gates of Aasgard!Journey into a realm where mighty gods clash in a war that’s shaping the very future of our world. In this captivating installment, an enchanting dance holds the key to revealing the next Queen of Asgaard.

When Astrid, the fertility goddess, performs the mesmerizing Dance of Revelation for King Magni, an inexplicable vision overwhelms him. Haunted by this revelation, the king wrestles with internal turmoil as dark elves loom at the gates of Asgaard, threatening its very existence. As Astrid unravels the truth behind the dance, she faces the wrath of a king who refuses to understand. How can she explain the profound significance of her performance if he refuses to let her near?

Dance of Revelation is a short novella that bridges the story between the original trilogy and new novels coming soon from Lake Scrawls Publishing.
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