Dark Tort

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2006
10 hours 4 minutes
I tripped over the body of Dusty Routt sometime after
10 o'clock on the evening of October 19. . .

The New York Times bestselling author cooks up a knockout treat featuring the irrepressible caterer Goldy Schulz.

Goldy Schulz has a lucrative new gig, preparing breakfasts and conference room snacks for a local law firm. It's time-consuming, but Goldy is enjoying it -- until the night she arrives to find Dusty, the firm's paralegal, dead. The poor young woman also happens to be Goldy's friend and neighbor, and now Dusty's grieving mother begs Goldy to find out who murdered her daughter.

Just because the police are on the case doesn't mean Goldy can't do a little snooping herself. While catering a party at the home of one of the firm's lawyers, she manages to overhear an incriminating conversation and ends up discovering a few clues in the kitchen. Before long, Goldy is knee deep in suspects, one of whom is incredibly dangerous and very liable to cook Goldy's goose.
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As with all Diane Mott Davidson books in the series, it's fun to listen to all the things one woman can get into. The catering job provides the perfect settings for strange and mysterious things to happen. The characters are enjoyable.

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I always enjoy Diane Mott Davidson's books, this one included. This book has a good plot - Davidson sprinkles seemingly unrealted details (such as paintings, trash, and a softball pitcher)throughout the book, then ties them all together at the end. If you haven't read her books before, be prepared, this author includes lots of detailed cooking scenes and entire recipes in her Goldy stories.

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Susan Burkley

I don't know what I enjoyed more..the recipes or the story. If you're looking for a story that you can listen to on the way to work or on a trip and then be able to pick back up later, this is perfect. Nothing deep or heavy duty, no shoot um up's, just regular people committing murder for what else? MONEY!

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This is one of the most boring books ever listened to. It was so drawn out and so many boring sub-plots that the reader felt empty going through the book. I returned it after 5 disks it was so bad.

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You goot love Goldie - as usual she captures your interest eary and never lets you go. I always anxious for Ms. Davidson to get busy on another book. "Dark Tort" is another course in Goldie's delightful life.

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As with all of the books in the series, This one was very good. I look forward to the next book.

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Kathleen Buechner

Like all of Diane Mott-Davidson books this one is fun with some twist to keep us guessing. I had alot of fun listening to this book 'Dark Tort. kathleen

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Scottie Lawrence

I really got into this one. It seemed forever until the second set came and I could finish the story. It was a good mystery and kept you guessing. I liked it.

Dark Tort
This title is due for release on April 11, 2006.

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Dark Tort
This title is due for release on April 11, 2006
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Dark Tort
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Dark Tort

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