The Daughter of the Sioux

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Charles King

Narrated By: LibriVox Volunteers

Publisher: LibriVox

Date: January 2016

Duration: 7 hours 53 minutes


Charles King was a United States soldier and a distinguished writer. He was the son of Civil War general Rufus King and great grandson of Rufus King, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He graduated from West point in 1866 and served in the Army during the Indian Wars under George Crook. He was wounded in the arm forcing his retirement from the regular army. During this time he became acquainted with Buffalo Bill Cody. King would later write scripts for several of Cody's silent films.

King's writings, relating to American Indians, cover a complex range of opinion within his novels. His sympathy for their cause of defending their homelands, and being forced to adopt a new lifestyle, did not stop him from graphically portraying them as savage and barbaric peoples. However, King also used his writings to harshly criticize U.S. government policies that resulted in Indian treaties not being honored and that permitted rampant corruption among government-appointed reservation agents. As a lieutenant in the 5th Cavalry, King was a participant on the American western frontier, who personally fought in battles with Southwestern and Plains Indians and observed government policies first hand. Charles King is credited today with helping to establish the "Western novel" as a romantic and dramatic genre of American literature, based upon a sturdy foundation of historical realism. (Summary compiled from Wikipedia and THE LIFE OF CHARLES KING by Nathan Bender, Housel Curator, McCracken Research Library within The Buffalo Bill Historical Center.)


  • Andrew Susin

    I generally am impressed by the volunteers who read the Librivox novels. It's a long and gruelling process to record an audiobook. Usually my only past critic has been recording quality but now a days the audio recordings are for the most parts pretty good. The sound quality of this particular book is not too bad but unfortunately in this case the audio quality wasn't the issue. I couldn't follow the story at all. Some of the readers were speed reading through the story without the slightest hint of punctuation. It was just white noise and I have no idea whether the story was good or bad and just couldn't follow the plot at all. I hate being critical of people's work when they have so generously donated their time but I can't honestly recommend this particular reading

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by Charles King

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Daughter of the Sioux, Charles King