Written By: R.K. Lander

Narrated By: Daniel Thomas May

Date: July 2019

Duration: 15 hours 9 minutes


A half-blood bastard to the enemy. A crownless warrior prince to the Silvans. Fel'annár must face the ultimate warrior on the field of battle, or condemn his lands to civil war.

Returning from battle in the mountains, a death triggers a mystery Fel'annár and his company of chosen brothers must unravel. But why do the trees speak of a beautiful monster?

Fel'annár will learn the ways of the Kah Warrior from a legendary commander while facing the disdain of another who struggles to accept this 'ignoble son' for who he is, not for what he represents. Meanwhile, Fel'annár's half-brother reveals a plan to restore the Great Forest to its past splendor of multi-cultural harmony.

But the Forest is falling apart under the final onslaught of a ruthless traitor. Can Fel'annár and The Company come to understand what role they must play in the Restoration before it's too late? Can the brothers put aside their resentment towards each other and learn to trust one another? Can love prosper in the midst of battle and hardship as dark enemies converge on the Motherland?

Danger lies in wait for an elf who is slowly coming to terms with his heritage, learning to wield a natural ability, and accepting the nature of his unfolding destiny. But one elf and an army will stop at nothing to avoid his return.


  • Jason D.

    awesome book and series

  • Clyde R.

    Well as the previous 2 books this was even better. Just got through with it and luckily number 4 was released just last month in October. . I had to get it. Just to let everyone know WOW. Anyone who likes adventures on the edge of your seat thriller will love these 3 books. I can only imagine what 4 will be like.

  • Cody L.

    This is a fantastic book. I enjoy fantasy and I am glad I used my vip reward on the first book “Path Of A Novice”. I hope the next book comes out soon.

  • Anonymous

    Another great book in a wonderful series. I constantly find myself laughing, or crying, or otherwise emotionally reacting to everything that Fel’annár and the company come to know or endure. I am personally in love with both the characters and the world the author has created, and cannot wait for the next release in the saga.

Dawn of a Legend

by R.K. Lander

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Dawn of a Legend, R.K. Lander
Dawn of a Legend, R.K. Lander
This title is due for release on July 16, 2019.

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Dawn of a Legend, R.K. Lander
This title is due for release on July 16, 2019
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Dawn of a Legend, R.K. Lander
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Dawn of a Legend, R.K. Lander

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