A Deadly December in Edgemont

A Deadly December in Edgemont

Written by:
Della North
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
5 hours 44 minutes
This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

Edgemont School for Girls bursar Judith Taylor avoids getting emotionally involved when student Holly Lezinsky's body is found, but her lack of action has put Beth Penner at risk.

Just days before Christmas Judith is unwillingly thrust into the investigation when a flu bug overcomes senior administrative staff. Reluctantly, she is forced to work with George Grant, the handsome policeman; her new friend Lila Morelli; quarrelsome coworkers; and distraught parents in the rush to find the missing teen before it's too late.

'I enjoyed it very much.'

'Really, really enjoyed the story and found it difficult to put down, the tension built up so well.'

'Fabulous twist in this one.'
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