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Death in the Off-Season

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
10 hours 21 minutes
When Rusty Mason, scion of one of Nantucket's oldest and wealthiest families, is found dead in a flooded cranberry bog one foggy fall night, thirty-two-year-old detective Meredith Folger is faced with her first murder case. Merry is the daughter of the local police chief and granddaughter of his predecessor; her father is a strict boss and Merry feels pressure to go the extra mile to prove her promotion to detective isn't just nepotism. But the Mason murder is a demanding first test. Merry's investigation brings to light all the tensions that plague the tiny community of Nantucket: the decades-old grudges; the skyrocketing real estate that only wealthy weekenders can afford; the resentments of the old Nantucket families who are barely keeping their homes and heritage fishing businesses alive. But Merry knows the island and its politics in a way only a local can.
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Philip H.

Good entertaining murder mystery that can be figured out if you are listening carefully for clues. The narration was uneven, most of the time very good, and sometimes read stiffly with no emotion.

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Tina R.

Light, easy reading (listening).

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Did not enjoy the narration

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Great book! I really enjoyed it!

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Louise McCartney

A good enough read but it was obvious who did what in the story. I enjoyed anyway

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Loving this series!!

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Christa B.

Very good story. Good narration.

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Jolan D.

I enjoyed it, didn't figure it out until almost the end!

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Shannon O.

Very predictable all the way through the book

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Florentina G.

I liked the book and the narrator. Easy to listen.

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Teresa D.

listened to the abridged version and it was delightful! good story, good pace, twists and turns all taking place in a small coastal town

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