Death On Hold: A Prisoner's Desperate Prayer and the Unlikely Family Who Became God's Answer

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date: August 2015

Duration: 5 hours 12 minutes


In January 1983 Burt Folsom read a story in Time about Mitch Rutledge, a man on death row with an IQ of 84 who said he was sorry for what he did. "Forget him," the last line of the story read. But Burt wrote Mitch a letter and discovered a man more interesting and intelligent than the article revealed.

Burt and his wife, Anita, began a friendship with Mitch and saw him become a leader and role model for others in prison, teaching himself to read and write (starting with copying down the spelling of items he knew from TV commercials) and becoming a national spokesman on prison life.

Death on Hold is the amazing story of their friendship, and of grace, reconciliation, and redemption for a man without hope who was given a future.


  • Jeremiah Braden

    This is a great book! Mitch is an example of gods work everyone should be able to hear. I my self find myself; a law abiding citizen who grew up with a family and friends find myself wanting to be more like him. He has certainly made the best of his life behind bars. Special thanks to Burt, Anita, and Lillian for coming into his life and showing him the light! Sometimes I come to a crossroads and have to make a decision and ask myself.... What would Mitch Rutledge do?