Death Without Company

Written by:
Craig Johnson
Narrated by:
George Guidall
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Release Date
June 2007
9 hours 50 minutes
From Craig Johnson, author of the acclaimed novel The Cold Dish (W1071), comes this enthralling Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery that received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. With a distinctive literary flair, Johnson leads us into the wide open space of Absaroka County, Wyoming. When an elderly local woman is found poisoned, Longmire begins an investigation that soon has him ensnared in a deadly spider's web.
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Janice G

I recently heard my first Craig Johnson / Longmire audiobook driving through SD, ND and Wyoming. Loved it! When getting home I immediately bought " Death without Company" and I completely enjoyed it. Mr Johnson is a consumate story teller; he makes his characters come alive. Having just driven through that part of the country, CJ captures the color, tone and feel of the west. Can't wait to read/hear my next Longmire.

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Debi A.

really good listen. always love George. I think this was better than the first book. cant wait to start the next one.

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Johnathan G.

It was so cool to get more of Lucian’s backstory in this book. Another great job

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Tamara L.

I’m a new listener/reader of the Walter Longmire series and I love them! I laugh out loud at parts and others I’m so thoroughly engrossed while listening, I’ll forget what else I’m doing.

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Jeremy G.

getting very hooked on these books, love the narrator look foward to the next one

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Pamela E.

Johnson is my kind of author: swift story lines, and uses phrases like "vistavision blue skies"; "his voice had so much gravel you could pave a driveway with it", etc. I'm also a big fan of the narrator, Guidall - perfect timing and inflection.

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Terry Shutz

Just finished Craig Johnson's second Longmire book- Death Without Company. Picks up right where the first book finished. Enjoyed learning more about Walt and the gang. I would give the first book 5 of 5 stars and this one 4 of 5 - only because the first book had a greater mix of the Native American culture. Well done and on to book three.

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John V.

Will listen to more of this author

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Ron E.

It was pretty hard to keep up with the characters. Maybe if I listen to more of his novels, I'll get better at it.

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well written and well read. keeps you thinking.

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Kenneth D.

As a big fan of the Longmire series on Netflix, I looked forward to to listening to this book. The writing was fabulous and the narrator was equally great. There were substantial differences from the Netflix series but the writer had a great command of the English language with his use of metaphors and similies. Great who-done-it that kept me guessing until the last 10 minutes!

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Sally M.

This is my second time reading (or listening to) this book and I think I love it even more this time around. George Guidall does such a great job of narrating, it was better listening to it than actually reading the book in print. I love the character development and learning the past successes and failures--and secrets--all the characters have. I really look forward to listening to the rest of the books...again!

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Rhonda G.

Great series and narration- a real treat!

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Margaret C.


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Great action and loved the characters

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Ben E.

great series. looking firward to the next one

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Good story with a good reader! Don’t like the language however. I don’t know why they think it’s important to talk nasty all the time! Or to take Gods name in vain. What a shame!

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Daniel W.

Loved the first one and liked this second one even better! This series is looking like it might become an addiction...

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Ricky P.


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Banet Kerley

Great read. Takes me right to a simpler place of the world. You can close your eyes and see the scenery from the description. The voices are terrific and really gives life to the characters.

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Two thumbs up for both content and narration!

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Michael Hayes

Just as good or better than Book One. Very good story telling and a great sense of humor. Really enjoyed the listen.

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Death Without Company
This title is due for release on June 12, 2007.

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Death Without Company
This title is due for release on June 12, 2007
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Death Without Company
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Death Without Company

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