Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
8 hours 51 minutes
She is a mystery. A force of nature. The moment Billie ran into us, seeking help from her attacker, I knew I was done for.

As a brother fresh out of prospecting for the Houston Defiance MC, it's my job to sit back and follow the rules. Do as I'm told. Fight when I'm needed. And I do it without question-every single time.

But Billie brings something out in me that makes me want to fight for her-to break the rules for her. Protecting her from her attacker is my duty, even if my brothers are suspicious of the circumstances.

Someone, though, is being deceptive, reckless, a traitor. Leaking information about the club. A most heinous act.

An old enemy is rearing his ugly head, right as Billie and I are getting close. But things are not always so black and white.

When you're faced with rage, how can you possibly survive? Especially when deception comes from someone you never expected . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Gail R.

I love the audiobooks. K.E. Osborn is pulling me more and more into the Houston Defiance MC. You never know where her characters have come from or whether the romances will survive especially Billie. I can't wait for book 7 ♥️

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