Deliver Us From Evil

Written by:
Frank Francis
Narrated by:
Sara Sheckells

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
8 hours 5 minutes
Maureen Finn is at a White House ceremony honoring the memory of her father, Sean. Robert Novak is in New York, watching the event on TV—his gaze fixed on Maureen. Soon afterward, Novak approaches Maureen and hands her a photo of her dad in the company of Lee Harvey Oswald. When he tells her that her father was involved in the Kennedy assassination—and asks her to lend her professional skills to his investigation—she’s horrified and angry. But when she questions her mother, her suspicions only increase, and after further research ,she learns that her dad did some work for the CIA. Now she and Novak are being tracked—and as they travel from country to country looking for answers, will shocking truth they uncover ever see the light of day?
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