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Demon Ash

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
6 hours 42 minutes
The world is nothing like Mya remembers. While in Ernisi, cities have been bombed and burned in an attempt to stop the hellhounds and the plague. The survivors are doing everything they can to win back their world from the hell that was unleashed with the first quake.

With Drav's help, Mya reunites with her family, but they are far from safe. Marauders, hellhounds, and the infected are doing their best to destroy what's left of the world, and it's up to Mya and Drav to save it.

Contains mature themes.
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Rose Y.

I loved this story. This story was entertaining and suspenseful. The characters were interesting and relatable. Mya awakens to a world that has changed enormously while she was in Ernisi. While trying to stop the plague and the hellhounds, the cities have been bombed. There are fewer resources to be found and the infected are getting smarter or evolving as they try to get to the survivors. The two criminals from Ernisi are also a challenge for the survivors. With the help of the dark fey, Mya and Drav are going to try to save what's left of the world. There are tons of feels with this story. I've read it multiple times and I STILL cry! I love Mya and Drav. Have to admit it, I want to keep Drav for my new book boyfriend! The protectiveness, the love, the devotion all adds up to a guy that doesn't want to lose the best thing he's ever had. Mya and Drav are so sweet together and I love that the other fey are learning more about what they never knew they were missing. I loved their happy ever after. I recommend reading this book. Or listening to it! I have the ebook as well as the audio book and I love them both! I liked the narrator too.

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Christy S.

I liked the story, I just wish that the main female would have shown some more intelligence. Her inability to listen, and make smart choices angered me many times. I found myself yelling, and swearing at her so much lol. The fae won me over every time, and saved the story, as well as the careless female character many times. Truly I ended up loving the story itself, I just wish there could’ve been a stronger female lead, with some better decision making skills.

Demon Ash
This title is due for release on February 13, 2018.

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Demon Ash
This title is due for release on February 13, 2018
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Demon Ash
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Demon Ash

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