Written By: Sandra Brown

Narrated By: Staci Snell

Date: December 2004

Duration: 5 hours 29 minutes


It was the publicity stunt from hell as far as Kirsten Rumm was concerned. She may have been writing the book about her late husband, aeronautical daredevil Demon Rumm, but she didn’t see the need to play host to the arrogant bad-boy actor starring in the film version’s title role. Still, for the good of the project, Kirsten agreed to share her beachfront home with the impossibly sexy screen idol.

Any other woman would do anything to be in her sandals, but Kirsten wasn’t falling for Rylan North, even if he did play his role of male lead to perfection. His down-home charm, his gentleness and virile charisma, might be seducing her in every sense of the word, but he was an actor, after all. Seducing an audience was his job. Rylan could have any woman he wanted. So why was he so desperately pretending to want her?

From the moment he saw her, Rylan North knew that Kirsten Rumm was the woman he’d been waiting all his life to cast as the star in his real-life love story. What did it matter if he was every woman’s fantasy if he couldn’t get Kirsten to so much as glance his way? He’d caught the look of past hurt behind her sky-blue eyes–a dark secret that shadowed the sparkle. Rylan was determined to find out what tragedy held this passionate woman back from a second chance at love even if it cost him his reputation, his career, and his life. But first he’d have to get Kirsten to act on her instincts . . . and to trust the flesh-and-blood man behind the fantasy.


  • Dee in LA

    This was an OK book for my commute but not stellar.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible. Don't waste your time. I almost sent it back. Probably the worst Sandra Brown book I have ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    I usually love Sandra Brown's work, but this hardly had a plot at all. It was sex, sex and more sex. That's all fine and dandy, but if I wanted erotica, I'd have selected something else. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who's a Sandra Brown fan.

  • Van

    This book was just "alright." Sometimes Ryland's cockiness...even to go so far as the cockiness used to describe characteristics about him...go overboard to a fault at times. The "big revelation" is anticlimatic. Overall, it'll keep your interest, but it's not one of the better ones.

  • Helen Medlock

    The characters of Rylan and Kirsten were well developed with a story line that built with the hidden secrets being reveiled slowly and with perfect timing. The bold and brashness of Rylan with determination shows that we do not always know people and their true character. Kirsten and the other hand was a recluse with a secret that showed in her personality that she did not know how to handle after the death of her husband. The gamble that was all on Rylan's part laid the foundation for the revealing of secret but with great tenderness and understanding. The book was beautifully written.

  • CW


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by Sandra Brown

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Demon Rumm: A Novel, Sandra Brown
Demon Rumm: A Novel, Sandra Brown
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Demon Rumm: A Novel, Sandra Brown
This title is due for release on December 28, 2004
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Demon Rumm: A Novel, Sandra Brown
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Demon Rumm: A Novel, Sandra Brown

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