Den of Thieves

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Written By: James B. Stewart

Narrated By: Unknown

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: May 2008

Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes


A step-by-step look at the SEC's investigation of Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel, and Dennis Levine that paints an unforgettable portrait of the runaway greed on Wall Street in the 1980s.


  • jerry d

    Proof positive that white collar crime not only pays, but pays very well! And that the punishment and sentencing for white collar criminals amounts to what would be a paid vacation for the average blue collar worker by comparison. A story of arrogance, injustice and public/societal betrayal portrayed as a one-off case of "bad apples" who only hurt themselves and their companies when in point of fact it is a singular example of the way Wall Street has "worked" since it's very inception.