The Descent [Dramatized Adaptation]: Safe Zone 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
6 hours 39 minutes
'Twenty years ago, the Black Flu decimated the population of the world.

The infected died and then rose again as flesh-eating zombies.

The UK’s response was to create Safe Zones, providing sanctuary for those that survived. Chloe only barely made it to safety and now her daughter Sammie wants to go outside.

When Sammie makes a discovery that could bring hope to all the survivors, one man’s twisted greed turns that dream into a nightmare.

Don't miss the great-stopping second installment of the Safe Zone Trilogy.

Performed by Laura C. Harris as Sammie, Alex Hill-Knight as Luca, Kay Eluvian as Brian, Lise Bruneau as Annie, John Kielty as Robert, Lucy Symons as Sally, Peter Holdway as Joe, Khaya Fraites as Johanna, Chris Stinson as Danny, Bradley Foster Smith as Dr. Smeadly, Wyn Delano as Sidney, Hannah Curtis as Deborah. Also with: Andrew James Spooner, Brandon Burton, Christopher Williams, Elena Anderson, Gabriel Michael, Henry W. Kramer, Holly Adams, Jenna Sharpe, Jon Vertullo, Julie-Ann Elliott, Karen Novack, Karenna Foley, Katie Boothe, Keval Shah, Kevin Couto, Marni Penning, Michael John Casey, Mike Carnes, Peter Stray, Robb Moreira, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker, Troy Allan, Zeke Alton.'
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